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TítuloBilingual Attrition in an Euskaldunberri Speaker: A Language Biography
AutoríaJosé Antonio Jódar Sánchez (Universitat de Barcelona)
ResumoThe rise of new speakers in newly revitalized minority languages calls into question the quantitative methodology in sociolinguistics. I use a qualitative approach, more specifically narrative enquiry and language biographies, to discuss the linguistic profile, experiences, and attitudes of an euskaldunberri or new Basque speaker. This speaker shows signs of language attrition on her Basque due to her status as a euskaldunberri, the dissonance between patterns of attitudes and behavior, her lifestyle mobility, and her linguistic hyperawareness. Overall, complex multilingual situations arise from a set of varied factors including both individual and social factors. These factors are a product of the speaker’s life trajectories, emotional attachment, and social network.
HorarioVenres 15 de xuño | 17:30 - 18:00 | Aula: B3