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TítuloAcquisition of french nasal vowels: ultrasound data
AutoríaBruna Teixeira Correa (UFPEL)
Giovana Ferreira-Gonçalves (UFPEL)
Mirian Brum-de-Paula (UFPEL)
ResumoThis work aims to investigate the acquisition of the nasal vowels [ɛ̃], [ã] and [ɔ̃] of French by brazilian learners in an undergraduate course in Languages (Portuguese and French). In order to develop this research, Gestural Phonology has been adopted as a theoretical basis. Its analyses approach the dynamic nature of speech and regard the gesture as a primitive of analysis. To this end, collections of oral and articulatory data have been made with three groups of informants: Group I – 8 learners of French as a foreign language (FFL) in different semesters (2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th) of the course; Group II – 4 native speakers of French; and Group III – 4 native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese (BP). The data collection instruments for oral production were tests of elicitation of words and pseudowords in a carrier phrase. The softwares used for the analyses were Praat (version 6.0.20) and Articulate Assistant Advanced (AAA, version 2.17). The analysis of the segments produced by both groups of native speakers showed that (i) BP nasal vowels have longer absolute length, as well as a longer length of their murmurs; (ii) the relative length of the nasal phase of French vowels is longer; (iii) in order to distinguish nasal segments from oral ones, the native speaker of French posteriorizes her tongue movements, whereas the speaker of Portuguese elevates them. Regarding the data produced by learners, it was possible to verify: (i) longer relative and absolute lengths in French nasal vowels when compared to Portuguese; (ii) longer absolute length of the nasal phase in vowels of the foreign language; (iii) lower values of murmur length in French; (iv) generalization of tongue gestures by the 2nd semester informant for the three French nasal vowels and (v) accurate distinction by the 8th semester informant.
HorarioVenres 15 de xuño | 17:30 - 18:00 | Aula: C6