Actas do CILX2018

Actas do XIII Congreso Internacional de Lingüística Xeral
Editadas por Marta Díaz, Gael Vaamonde, Ana Varela, Mª Carmen Cabeza, José M. García-Miguel e Fernando Ramallo
Vigo, Universidade de Vigo, 2018. ISBN: 78-84-8158-786-9

TítuloA critical-cognitive analysis of Donald Trump’s discourse across time: Trump as a businessman versus Trump as a president
AutoríaJohn Fredy Gil Bonilla (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
ResumoThis paper falls within the field of contrastive phonetics and language teaching. It aims at analysing and explaining the romanisation processes undertaken by Russian and Modern Standard Chinese whenever used by non-native speakers learning the language. The analysis focusses on Russian transliterations from its Cyrillic alphabet and so-called Pinyin transcriptions from Putonghua – or Mandarin Chinese – into the Roman alphabet, by pointing out misinterpretations made by Western linguists, especially in Engl ish, Spanish and Catalan environments, with regard to both Russian and Chinese L2 teaching. Different strategies are put forward to improve the phonetic renderings and pronunciation accuracy of Cyrillic-Roman transliterations and Pinyin – meaning precisely and ironically 'phonetic script' – transcriptions so that L2 or FL students of these languages may overcome their mispronunciations and prevent subsequent misunderstandings. Mismatchings between the phonetic alphabet, which aims to reflect the actual pronunciation, with the adaptation of transliterations from Cyrillic for Russian and with Pinyin for Chinese will be discussed.
Páxinas409 - 416