Actas do CILX2018

Actas do XIII Congreso Internacional de Lingüística Xeral
Editadas por Marta Díaz, Gael Vaamonde, Ana Varela, Mª Carmen Cabeza, José M. García-Miguel e Fernando Ramallo
Vigo, Universidade de Vigo, 2018. ISBN: 78-84-8158-786-9

TítuloAlphabets in disarray: Russian transliterations from Cyrillic vs Modern Standard Chinese pseudo-transcriptions in Pinyin
AutoríaJoan Julià-Muné (Universitat de Lleida)
ResumoThis study explores the discourse of Donald Trump as a businessman and as a president regarding the topics of immigration and economy. Data for this research were gathered from four speeches and four interviews delivered by Trump in the eighties-nineties, that is, as a businessman and four speeches and four interviews after being elected president of the United States. The analysis focuses on the way self/other-representation and mystification strategies are combined with conceptual metaphors in the construction of ideological discourse. The period in which the discourse happened seems to have a strong bearing on the discursive strategies employed by Trump.
Páxinas517 - 524