Actas do CILX2018

Actas do XIII Congreso Internacional de Lingüística Xeral
Editadas por Marta Díaz, Gael Vaamonde, Ana Varela, Mª Carmen Cabeza, José M. García-Miguel e Fernando Ramallo
Vigo, Universidade de Vigo, 2018. ISBN: 78-84-8158-786-9

TítuloBrazilian science going international: analyzing the impact of translation from Portuguese to English
AutoríaMichele Passini (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS))
ResumoThis research aims at discussing the effects of translation in the international circulation of academic-scientific production. Translation plays an essential role to ensure that communication is effective among the members of the international scientific community. From a linguistic point of view, however, some elements must be considered, such as: (a) the strict dependence that the scientific-academic genre has with the social context; (b) the absence of precise information in Journals guidelines on how translations must be done; and, (c) the lack of awareness about the target readership of these articles when they are translated. This paper analyzes four excerpts taken from two scientific articles translated from Portuguese to English in Brazilian journals of the field of Language Studies. The analysis focus on the suppression and inclusion of certain terms and their impact in the translated text. Results show that the alterations – being the absence of certain terms or the inclusion of others – have an impact in the authorial gesture, certain times silencing the author’s voice, and other times letting the translator voice be heard by the reader.
Páxinas708 - 713